Sneaker Review: Steve Madden’s “Ringwald”

I am a fashion sneaker head, and I am always looking to add to my shoe collection.

Recently, I purchased Steve Madden’s “Ringwald” sneaker that released on July 29th, 2o16 (picture above).

These beauties run for $99.95, but with a discount code and free shipping, I paid $85 for them. For over a week I sat in anticipation, waiting – praying – for my shoes to be delivered. I HAD to have these shoes; they are a fine leather with brown interior, quality made, and a statement sneaker. These are everything I wanted.

Finally, I have received them and nearly tore the box open to put them on. Now, I am a size 10 regularly, but these shoes run about a half-inch too big, and that made me annoyed. Furthermore, the return will cost me $6.95 to just send back and have a smaller pair sent. Of course, I will not do this; the fact I have to pay because they made them to run big is preposterous. Simply, I will accept they are a little big and tighten the laces.

Moving onto the look of the sneaker, I think they are absolutely beautiful. I love the monochromatic white on the outside, as well as the light brown all throughout the inside. There is not a flashy “Steve Madden” logo that disrupts the simplicity of the sneaker, but instead there is a strip with his name on the inside sole. I have seen other brands like Ralph Lauren and Adidas put there logo right in the center, outside of the sneaker… sad really, it throws off the beauty of the sneaker in my opinion.

I really enjoy the leather material the sneakers are made out of; they seem to be better quality and more high-class. I also own a canvas pair of white sneakers, but the canvas material makes them less formal than the Ringwalds. With these sneakers, I can easily dress them up with a blazer or a suit even, or dress them down with a pair of chinos and a simple tee or button-down. My personal style is chinos or Levis with a button-down dress shirt, so these sneakers work perfectly for me.

The Ringwalds are also extremely comfortable. They are very padded on the sides that give my feet the extra comfort and support. Moreover, they are a little higher up my ankle to give more support. Normally, I do not twist my ankle or anything, but just knowing I have the extra support is pleasant.

M fear with wearing these sneakers (besides being slightly large) is how hard they will be to keep clean and white. Obviously, I know that white sneakers are very hard to keep clean, but I also know that constantly cleaning them is well worth it. There is a trick I saw on the Facebook “Nifty” page where one tablespoon of baking soda, 1/2 tablespoon of water, 1/2 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, and a little sun will bring out the whiteness again. I used this on my older white sneakers, and it works perfectly.

Overall, I am in love with these sneakers, and I totally recommend them. These are a must-have. Yes, they are a little pricy, but would you rather pay $45 for a low-quality pair of sneakers that last seven months, or a $100 pair that can last years? Personally, I always pay that extra money if I know the quality is worth it. And these shoes are worth it.


-Kyle Majerus


Author: kylemajerus

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kyle Majerus. I am an aspiring writer striving to make my mark in this world by blogging and entering a career in copywriting. I am currently a senior in college, majoring in English Literature and minoring in business administration. No, I do not want to teach; and yes, I can enter a career in copywriting with my degree. I am an avid reader of fiction, a fitness freak, a coffee connoisseur, a craft beer lover, and a men’s fashion advocate.

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