How the Apple Watch Helped With My iPhone Addiction.

*Opens Twitter, closes Twitter*

*Opens Snapchat, closes Snapchat*

*Opens Facebook, closes Facebook*

*Opens Instagram, closes Instagram*

*Opens Twitter again, closes Twitter again*

And so on, and so on.

This was the social media cycle that I followed every day, at least four times an hour. Like the myriads of people in this world, I was addicted to my iPhone and social media. No matter where I was or whom I was with, I had my phone in my hand and my head tilted downward. I was always checking my social media pages, my blog, my email, and replying to text messages. It doesn’t matter if I was with a friend I haven’t seen in years or a family member I missed, I focused on my phone (this I am not proud of). I didn’t think I could ever overcome this addicted, but, shockingly, when I purchased my Apple Watch, my cell phone addiction lessened.

How you may ask? How did an extension of my iPhone lessen my cell phone addiction? It’s simple: I let the notifications come to my Apple Watch, and I either replied to the email, text message, or social media notifications on my Apple Watch, or I just ignored the notifications because it was not worth the time. Usually, I went with the latter.

And, after a month or so of this system, I found myself ignoring the notifications more and more until I checked my iPhone later that day. I already knew what notifications I had to address, so why not worry about them all later instead of constantly pulling out my cell phone?

So, by having the Apple Watch, one may think the user becomes more addicted to their cell phones and social media accounts, but it is the exact opposite in my case. While I do get the notifications to my Apple Watch and respond to them accordingly, I usually just disregard everything until I have an abundance amount of text messages, emails, and social media notifications to reply to.

Hopefully, over the next few months, I completely end my cell phone addiction, and since I have an excellent system down, I have no worries!


-Kyle Majerus



Author: kylemajerus

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kyle Majerus. I am an aspiring writer striving to make my mark in this world by blogging and entering a career in copywriting. I am currently a senior in college, majoring in English Literature and minoring in business administration. No, I do not want to teach; and yes, I can enter a career in copywriting with my degree. I am an avid reader of fiction, a fitness freak, a coffee connoisseur, a craft beer lover, and a men’s fashion advocate.

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