My Two Summer Go-To Looks

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Summer is absolutely wonderful because there is no school, mountain-high piles of homework, and extreme stress. What is more, I am able to invest my time towards making money, enjoying my favorite past times, and creating unforgettable memories. Summer is awesome, no doubt about that. But, I dislike … Continue reading My Two Summer Go-To Looks

My Everyday Carry Items

Every day we wake up, go through the mundane task of getting ready, and grab the same specific items we will bring with us throughout the day. These items are an extension of who we are, and we could not imagine completing our day without them. While laying in my bed one morning, as I … Continue reading My Everyday Carry Items

How the Apple Watch Helped With My iPhone Addiction.

*Opens Twitter, closes Twitter* *Opens Snapchat, closes Snapchat* *Opens Facebook, closes Facebook* *Opens Instagram, closes Instagram* *Opens Twitter again, closes Twitter again* And so on, and so on. This was the social media cycle that I followed every day, at least four times an hour. Like the myriads of people in this world, I was … Continue reading How the Apple Watch Helped With My iPhone Addiction.

The Apple Watch: The Best Smartwatch to Own

Elegant. Minimal. Convenient. The Apple Watch is a triple threat that covers the areas many watch wearers care about; it is elegant, has a beautiful and minimal design, and is extremely convenient. Watch wearers pride themselves on the watch that is strapped around their wrists. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing a watch from Wal-Mart or … Continue reading The Apple Watch: The Best Smartwatch to Own