Make Your Dreams a Reality

"Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn't settle for it." - Mandy Hale So many people never reach their full potential in life and are never truly happy with themselves because they allow the fear of failure to hold them back from their dreams. People much … Continue reading Make Your Dreams a Reality

My Two Summer Go-To Looks

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Summer is absolutely wonderful because there is no school, mountain-high piles of homework, and extreme stress. What is more, I am able to invest my time towards making money, enjoying my favorite past times, and creating unforgettable memories. Summer is awesome, no doubt about that. But, I dislike … Continue reading My Two Summer Go-To Looks

Warby Parker: Stockton “Tyler Oakley” Eyeglasses

Just like the rest of my family, I fell victim to poor eyesight. However, I refused to wear eyeglasses for months because I absolutely hated the thought of wearing them every day, but I finally had to suck it up and get my prescription eyeglasses because I could not read anything off in the distance … Continue reading Warby Parker: Stockton “Tyler Oakley” Eyeglasses

The Apple Watch: The Best Smartwatch to Own

Elegant. Minimal. Convenient. The Apple Watch is a triple threat that covers the areas many watch wearers care about; it is elegant, has a beautiful and minimal design, and is extremely convenient. Watch wearers pride themselves on the watch that is strapped around their wrists. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing a watch from Wal-Mart or … Continue reading The Apple Watch: The Best Smartwatch to Own

Being a Men’s Fashion Advocate

I remember growing up wearing thrift shop jackets, graphic t-shirts from Walmart of Dick's, and bootcut jeans that were too long and too big. Then, as I entered college as a freshman (I am a junior now), something in my fashion tastes and preferences changed. I no longer found graphic tees and sweatpants appealing; rather, … Continue reading Being a Men’s Fashion Advocate

Sneaker Review: Steve Madden’s “Ringwald”

I am a fashion sneaker head, and I am always looking to add to my shoe collection. Recently, I purchased Steve Madden's "Ringwald" sneaker that released on July 29th, 2o16 (picture above). These beauties run for $99.95, but with a discount code and free shipping, I paid $85 for them. For over a week I … Continue reading Sneaker Review: Steve Madden’s “Ringwald”