Review: JuneHouse Backpack

You ever feel like Instagram giveaways are just fake and meant to promote an account? Like, you're 98% sure that they never choose a real winner, just a dummy account? Well, you good sir or madam, are wrong. They actually are authentic giveaways and real people win! I know because I won two giveaways within two … Continue reading Review: JuneHouse Backpack


The Apple Watch: The Best Smartwatch to Own

Elegant. Minimal. Convenient. The Apple Watch is a triple threat that covers the areas many watch wearers care about; it is elegant, has a beautiful and minimal design, and is extremely convenient. Watch wearers pride themselves on the watch that is strapped around their wrists. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing a watch from Wal-Mart or … Continue reading The Apple Watch: The Best Smartwatch to Own

Sneaker Review: Steve Madden’s “Ringwald”

I am a fashion sneaker head, and I am always looking to add to my shoe collection. Recently, I purchased Steve Madden's "Ringwald" sneaker that released on July 29th, 2o16 (picture above). These beauties run for $99.95, but with a discount code and free shipping, I paid $85 for them. For over a week I … Continue reading Sneaker Review: Steve Madden’s “Ringwald”